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Nothing’s more terrifying than a sentient tree trying to kill you

Nothing’s more terrifying than a sentient tree trying to kill you. The Forest Keeper is one of the deadliest enemies in Lethal Company. Despite their size, these behemoths can run you down and eat you as a quick snack. So, how do you actually beat Forest Keepers?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of beating them, there’s one thing we’d like to clarify: these creatures, as well as many others, cannot be killed directly. At the very least, Forest Keepers have weaknesses you can exploit to ensure you survive your encounter with them.

Forest Keeper Game Description

Scientific Name: Satyrid-proceritas

Sigurd’s Danger Level: 50%

Lore: Forest Keepers inhabit the forests and are said to share the same ancestry with the Bracken—also known as rapax-folium. Using dense material as skin, they harden as they grow older. They appear to have eyes on the front and back, but these only serve as markings sensitive to external stimulation.

Behavior: Forest Keepers are not to be messed with despite their curious nature. Once they spot anything they find interesting at a distance—in this case, you—they won’t stop until they get a hold of you. Funnily enough, they don’t consume any of their catches, though. Since Forest Keepers are plant-based organisms, they most likely use photosynthesis to feed themselves.

Forest Keeper Lethal Company: How to Spot Them

Forest Keepers are massive, headless giants taller than most trees found in the forest. As such, they can only be encountered outside. It has eyes on the chest and mouth near the stomach area. You can distinguish Forest Keepers from other monsters that lurk about with their loud, ground-shaking footsteps, indicating that it’s moving nearby. Since Forest Keepers are wide yet thin creatures, you won’t easily spot the sentient beings from a distance if it’s standing sideways.

Lethal Company Forest Keepers: How to Beat Them

It depends on the situation; Forest Keepers can’t be killed, but they can be outsmarted if you know what you’re doing.

Use Your Items

Several items in Lethal Company can be lifesavers should you stumble upon a Forest Keeper. The following items can be purchased from the terminal and used generally, not just in this situation.

Don’t Go Out During Eclipsed Moons

The best way to beat Forest Keepers is not seeing them in the first place. They spawn more frequently on Eclipsed and forested moons, so you should stay inside the premises whenever this occurs. They can also spawn during other moons, such as March and Vow—two of which spawn most of the Forest Keeper’s population during certain nights. Thankfully, these two moons are early-game areas that can easily be skipped once you’re already in the later parts since they don’t have that much valuable loot.

Lay Low, Find Cover

The colossal size of Forest Keepers is their strength, but at the same time, it can be their weakness. Since they can’t bend over and reach into any low-lying cover, you can crouch under any nook you can find to avoid getting grabbed. The railings of your ship will most likely be your best friend in this situation. While they can clip through the ship’s railings, the Forest Keepers won’t be able to reach you.

You can also hide inside buildings, but that will leave you vulnerable to other creatures. That said, the ship is the best place to run to. Just be sure to stay away from the doors to prevent your demise.

Keep Your Distance

Forest Keepers have a massive field of vision. They can spot you a mile away, no thanks to their bulging eyes. Even in foggy conditions where you can’t see a thing, they can still see and track you down. The best way to avoid Forest Keepers is by keeping a massive distance between them and yourself. You can determine your safety by listening to their loud thumps when moving. If you can’t hear these sounds, you’re safe. Moving while they’re not looking and staying behind cover are also great ideas, should you have no choice but to walk past them.