How to get married in Coral Island

Coral Island: Tying the Knot and Starting a Family

Choosing from the many romance options in Coral Island is a difficult decision, but what comes next after you’ve found the one? Here’s how you can finally tie the knot and even start a family in this farming and life simulation game.

Coral Island: Marriage Guide

You may find it challenging to figure out how to proceed in the game when it doesn’t explicitly tell you what to do. Luckily, we can help you find your one true love. In Coral Island, you can get married by reaching 10 hearts with a romanceable character, as well as partaking in their heart events, which are significant milestones in your relationship.

If you’re unsure of how to gain hearts with someone, you’ll need to give them gifts that they either love or like. Check out our gift guide to see what gifts every villager in Coral Island prefers.

How to Date and Propose

Before marriage comes dating, and to start dating someone, you must reach eight hearts. The Sanchez Brothers who work at the Blacksmith will send you a letter instructing you to gift the person you’re dating a necklace, which you can purchase from their shop. Once you have at least eight hearts, gift the necklace to them to start dating.

After reaching ten hearts with the person you’re dating, you’ll have the chance to propose to them. Make sure to go through all of that person’s heart events, and also upgrade your house to level three to be able to live together. After proposing, your wedding should trigger at some point.

How to Have Children in Coral Island

Once you’ve married your loved one, you’ll eventually get the chance to have children, with the possibility of having up to two children. Your spouse should start asking you randomly whether you’re ready to have children or not.

Some players believe you need to upgrade your house to level four in order to have children, and once born, your children will become NPCs with their own personalities as they grow up on your farm.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.