Super Snail gear tier list

All gear in Super Snail, ranked

Super Snail is a truly unique game that can be difficult to describe, but fear not, the gear is straightforward and easy to rank.

The tier list of Super Snail gear follows a non-conventional ranking system. While it starts with a typical ranking style, it then separates into three distinct categories to provide specific rankings for particular needs. Every list is sorted alphabetically.

S tier

Here are the top-tier gear options in Super Snail. These options are a safe bet for any battle.

  • Big Bounce
  • Fortress
  • Golden Dragzul Fang
  • Norris Chucks
  • Old Man Wand
  • Poseidon’s Trident
  • Traveler Outfit

A tier

Below are the gear options that will serve you well in any situation.

  • Claw of Destruction
  • Cretaceous Weapon
  • District 9
  • Dracula Cape
  • Hydra’s Gloves
  • Million Volts
  • Paralysis Ring
  • Power Spinach
  • Super Warrior

B tier

Next, we have gear that is decent, but may not be the best option in certain situations.

  • Ancestral Legacy
  • Antimatter shield
  • Azazel’s Wand
  • Centaur Armor
  • Empress’ Gloves
  • Empress’ Slippers
  • Excalibur EX
  • Gilded Belt
  • Grandpire’s Robe
  • Know-it-all Device
  • Lotus Platform XII
  • Mark 4
  • Soul Walking

C tier

Finally, the gear that you may want to replace as soon as possible.

  • Antimatter Armor
  • Caesar’s Crown
  • Dark Strength
  • Eye of Akamoddo Amulet
  • Michael’s Earrings
  • Ogma’s Cloak
  • Selene Amulet
  • Septreasure Peacock Quill
  • The Great Entertainer
  • True Sakabato
  • Virtual Vision

Separate gear categories in Super Snail

Image via Qcplay Limited.

Furthermore, here are two separate lists of the best gear for PvP and exploration and regional content in Super Snail.

Best gear for PvP in Super Snail

For PvP combat, consider utilizing the following gear.

  • Agememnon Outfit
  • Bedrock
  • Blair’s Curse
  • Heart of Nature
  • Incredible Key
  • Poseidon’s Blessing
  • The great Magician
  • Thunder Belt
  • W-Tadpole Sword

Best gear for exploration in Super Snail

When it comes to embarking on exploration, these gear options are your best bet.

  • Bullet Storm
  • Crown of Eternal Daylight
  • Deepsea Helmet
  • Fang of Tiamat
  • Gauss M72
  • Overlord’s Hook
  • Serket Staff
  • Sky Piercer
  • Soul Reaper
  • Strength Master’s Sword
  • Subspace Blade
  • Sword Futsuno
  • The Great Collector
  • The Great Engineer
  • The Great Scientist
  • Tremendous Support
  • Warmonger’s Gun

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