Where to buy PS5 Slim – check stock and pre-orders now

If you are looking to purchase a PS5 Slim or pre-order the new model, we have all the information you need. The PS5 Slim boasts a more compact size, new face plates, and a detachable disk drive that can be purchased separately.

Currently, the PS5 Slim is available in bundles from US retailers, while UK shoppers will have to wait until November 29th to get their hands on it. Pre-orders are open now at various retailers, so the wait shouldn’t be too long.

Thankfully, stock appears to be stable at the moment, and it seems like the frustrating restock issues seen at the console’s launch are a thing of the past. However, given the lack of PlayStation Portal restock, we should remain cautious.

With its release date falling around the sales season, buying or pre-ordering a PS5 Slim is now one of the most exciting Black Friday gaming deals and Black Friday PS5 deals that players can take advantage of. It’s also a great opportunity to build out a game library or pick up new accessories at this time of year.

Below, you will find a range of options for buying a PS5 Slim or pre-ordering one from reputable retailers.

Where to buy PS5 Slim – US

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy

Where to buy PS5 Slim – UK

Pre-order PS5 Slim – FAQs

How much is the PS5 Slim?

The PS5 Slim will retail for the exact same price as its larger predecessor – $499 for the disk-drive edition in the US, £479.99 in the UK for the full fat version, and £379.99 for the Digital Edition.

What are the specs of the PS5 Slim?

The PS5 Slim will have the same specs as the original, launch PS5. The only differences are in the design, weight, dimensions, and footprint of the console, plus the detachable disk drive.

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