Best suits in Lethal Company, ranked

Exploring moons and selling scraps in Lethal Company is more fun when you look stylish doing it. Here’s a ranking of the best suits in the game.

With only four suits currently available in this co-op horror game, and Lethal Company still in Early Access, the future may bring more suits. But for now, let’s look at the best of what’s available.

Lethal Company: Best suits, ranked

Screenshot: PC Invasion

4. Green suit

This is the cheapest suit available for purchase from the Computer Terminal in Lethal Company. However, it ranks at the bottom due to the lack of flashiness in color.

When traversing the dark facilities in Lethal Company, it’s crucial to be easily noticeable from a distance. Unfortunately, the green suit falls short in this aspect, even with a cost of only 60 credits.

3. Default suit

The orange jumpsuit that you begin Lethal Company with may be basic, but it still stands out in dark environments, making it easier to find your friends.

Perhaps its popularity as the default suit gives it an iconic status. Even though there’s nothing particularly special about it, I find it more appealing than the Green suit.

2. Hazard suit

Despite the inaccurate naming, the Hazard suit’s bright yellow color makes it great for locating teammates from a distance.

At a price of 90 credits, it’s a worthy investment, even if it doesn’t offer actual protection in the game. Perhaps in the future, it will serve its named purpose, but for now, it’s a simple yellow jumpsuit.

1. Pajama suit

The blue polka-dotted Pajama suit definitely stands out as the coolest looking, albeit a bit funny to look at.

Priced at a whopping 900 credits, it may seem silly, but if you’re flush with cash, the Pajama suit is a must-try. Despite the price, I’d prefer wearing this suit over the others.

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Lethal Company is available on Steam.