Zenless Zone Zero Censorship controversy explained

Zenless Zone Zero Censorship Controversy

HoYoverse, known for its popular gacha games, is facing criticism over changes made to a character in its upcoming game, Zenless Zone Zero. The controversy revolves around the supposed censorship of the character Nicole’s design.

HoYoverse is renowned for creating well-designed and unique characters in its games. Nicole, one of the first characters in Zenless Zone Zero, has come under fire for changes made to her design. Critics argue that the alterations amount to censorship.

Some players have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the changes, particularly regarding the reduction of Nicole’s “jiggle physics” during the game’s second closed beta. However, others argue that this type of content is unnecessary and welcomes the changes.

Additionally, there have been observations of toned-down violent content in the game, which has led to concerns about censorship affecting other aspects of the game. This has raised questions about the game’s mature rating and whether it will live up to its classification.

Despite the controversy, Zenless Zone Zero is still in its second closed beta phase, with no official release date announced yet. Fans will have to wait until 2024 for the game to hit the market.

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