Grand Theft Auto 5 Voice Actor Swatted For The Sixth Time

Ned Luke, who voices Michael De Santa in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5, experienced a swatting incident while livestreaming on Thanksgiving day, marking the sixth time the actor has been targeted in this manner. In response to concerns, Luke tweeted, “Everyone is fine, thanks for your concern,” and expressed frustration over the repeated harassment.

During a special GTA livestream, Luke abruptly left after receiving a warning call, indicating the nature of the incident. After enduring multiple attempts to disrupt his life, Luke confirmed that law enforcement is actively investigating the culprit.

In a follow-up tweet, Luke expressed some empathy towards the individual(s) behind the pranks but also assured followers that authorities are on the trail with significant evidence at their disposal. He has also continued with his GTA 5 gameplay livestreams in honor of the game’s 10th anniversary despite the disruptions, suggesting that the intention behind the swatting incidents may be to intimidate and discourage him. Luke adamantly stated that he will not be deterred and made it clear that the ongoing playthrough will continue with unwavering determination.

Furthermore, Luke defended Rockstar Games, the publisher of GTA, and dismissed suggestions that the incident was linked to the company’s handling of player IP addresses. He clarified that his private information was leaked years ago from a routine internet search and emphasized that Rockstar Games is not to blame.