Splatoon 3’s Next Big Update (Version 6.0.0) Is Arriving This Week, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Splatoon 3’s latest update is set to release this week, bringing in the new Chill Season 2023 and a variety of changes to the game. The update, Ver. 6.0.0, brings in new gear, stages, special weapons, and much more. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes:

Season and Catalog Changes

Chill Season 2023 has been added to the game, including a new catalog with gear, titles, banners, and more. Additionally, new battle stages and special weapons have been introduced, along with new sets of existing main weapons paired with different sub and special weapons.

Changes to Multiplayer

Several new songs and special weapons have been added to multiplayer battles, along with changes to existing weapon sets. Furthermore, specifications for main and special weapons have been adjusted for improved gameplay.

Changes to Anarchy and X Battles

Several updates have been made to Anarchy and X Battles, including changes to the matchmaking system, power requirements, and badges based on performance.

Changes to Salmon Run

New King Salmonid, Megalodontia, may appear in Salmon Run, along with adjustments to the provision of special weapons and scoring requirements for decorations.

Changes to Splatfests and Tableturf Battles

The matchmaking system for Splatfest Battle (Pro) has been modified, and additional details will now be displayed during Tableturf Battles.

Changes to the Lobby

Players can now exchange extra Sheldon Licenses for Shell-Out Tokens if they have obtained all currently available weapons at Ammo Knights.

These updates aim to enhance the overall gaming experience and ensure a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay for Splatoon 3 fans. Stay tuned for the release of Ver. 6.0.0 and dive into the exciting new features!