EVE Online players are creating the first ‘AI empire’ guided by Chat GPT-4

EVE Online community has taken a significant leap forward by utilizing Chat GPT, the latest AI phenomenon, to establish the first ‘AI empire’ within the game.

The collaboration of players in creating the Neural Nexus, an AI-led player corporation, has introduced a new level of intrigue to the sci-fi sandbox MMO. This move aims to decentralize leadership and provide players with continuous access to AI guidance. Additionally, it promises to offer a consistent vision for the corporation, as well as new role-playing opportunities for its members.

Several months ago, the announcement of the establishment of the new AI empire was made on an EVE Online group forum. The post welcomed players to Neural Nexus and positioned the endeavor at the forefront of a new era in New Eden.

The operational approach of Neural Nexus involves regular AI consultation for major decisions, with day-to-day responsibilities managed by a council of three to five directors. The decisions made during council meetings will be documented in an ongoing codex for future reference. Additionally, members are encouraged to seek AI guidance for their actions and participate in role-playing, with their stories contributing to Nexus Chronicles.

Given the early stage of this project, the impact on the corporation and the broader EVE Online community remains to be seen. However, there is anticipation and excitement among some players as they await the outcome of this groundbreaking initiative.

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