‘Caution on the trails’ walkthrough

The mountain trail spirit guide- Caution on the trails walkthrough

Clarence and his walking partners have been hearing something up on the mountain trail. Here’s a ‘Caution on the trails’ walkthrough for Spirittea.

When the notice is on the board, ensure you’ve repaired the bridge, otherwise you can’t proceed with the quest. Then talk to Clarence to hear his account of what’s going on up the trail. Doing so will let you trigger the spirit’s voice up at the end of the trail.

You have to sleep a day and come back for more. However, before you approach the outlook again, take note of the statues along the way, with screenshots, especially where they aren’t. You’re going to need to reference them in a moment.

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After hearing the spirit again, enter tea vision and wander around. The spirit challenges you to find them hiding among the statues in 45 seconds, three times. This is why you’ll need these screenshots. Make good use of the Pause button and take quick screenshots to compare, then press “E” on the extra statue. If you’re quick enough you can catch the first statue poofing into existence, and most likely the second round. The third will black the screen, so you can’t rely on this tactic. Hopefully, you won’t have to retry the trial several times over like me. Though if you do, at least you get to listen to Wonyan being mad, as usual.

Spirittea: 'Caution on the Trails' walkthrough Naos Reveal
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you complete the trial, the spirit will reveal itself right after as Naos, some turtle-like spirit. You’ll even get a small statue as a gift for your troubles (and there may very well have been a lot of those). That concludes ‘Caution on the trails’ and adds Naos to your bathhouse roster. I’m glad that’s over.

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