How to unlock Lavish Lair Vault in Fortnite

One of the unique aspects of Fortnite is the variety of mini-games available within the battle royal experience. In addition to engaging in combat with other players and NPCs, players can also partake in a range of activities that enhance the overall enjoyment of Fortnite, such as the challenge of unlocking a vault located in Lavish Lair. This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock the vault.

Fortnite: How to unlock the Lavish Lair vault

Before you learn how to unlock the Lavish Lair vault in Fortnite, it’s essential to know its location. Fortunately, it’s easy to find and clearly labeled. If you find yourself dropping in, head to the northern part of the map. If you’re already on the ground, continue heading north. Refer to the map below to help orient yourself.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you drop into this area at the beginning of a match, keep in mind that Lavish Lair is a Point of Interest (POI), indicating that it contains a wealth of high-level loot. However, it also means that it’s likely to attract other players. Move swiftly to open the vault before competing with others.

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Whether you’ve landed at the lair or are making your way towards it, be prepared to encounter numerous NPCs guarding the area. Eliminate all of them, as one of the NPCs holds a medallion required to enter the vault.

Opening the vault

Exercise caution when retrieving the medallion, as your location becomes highlighted, making you vulnerable to enemy players. Once you have the medallion, head to the south side of the lair and jump off the balcony. You’ll then come across a hallway with the vault at the end. To the right of the vault, there will be a lock to interact with if you have the medallion. After that, the door will open, granting you access to valuable gear.

Just be sure to stay alive after opening the vault.

Fortnite is free to play via Epic Games.