Stardew Valley – What to Do With Prismatic Shard

What to Do with a Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley

The Prismatic Shard is one of the rarest resources in Stardew Valley. Most players will spend hours trying to get even one of these, and they will likely just give up and hope they get one by accident. Still, once you get your first-ever Prismatic Shard, you might start wondering what you are actually supposed to do with it. The description of the item doesn’t really give you a lot of hints.

  • Craft clothes.
  • Craft Wedding Ring for multiplayer marriage.
  • Donate it to the Missing Bundle.
  • Donate it to the Museum.
  • Enchant tools at the Forge in the Volcano Dungeon.
  • Gift it as a universally loved item.
  • Place it in a Junimo Hut to change the color of Junimo.
  • Trade 3 of them for a Magic Rock Candy at the Desert Trader.
  • Trade it for the Galaxy Sword in Calico Desert.
  • Use it at the Dark Shrine of Selfishness to turn your children into doves.

Crafting Prismatic Clothes

There are 5 types of clothing pieces that players can craft at the Sewing Machine using a Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley:

  • Prismatic Shirt
  • Prismatic Shirt (white sleeves)
  • Prismatic Shirt (black sleeves)
  • Prismatic Pants
  • Prismatic Genie Pants

When you use the Prismatic Shard, you have a random chance to get any of those items. All of them have a special characteristic that they will constantly change colors between the colors of the rainbow. Though these items are really cute, we recommend that you first use the Prismatic Shard to do anything else but craft these clothes. They don’t provide any gameplay benefits, and they just look nice as they change from color to color.

Crafting Wedding Rings

The only way you can get married in Stardew Valley multiplayer with other players is by using a Wedding Ring. These Wedding Rings are some of the hardest items to get in Stardew Valley. To get the recipe for them, you will need to check in with the Traveling Merchant to buy it for 500 g. As opposed to normal items in her stock, you will always find the recipe for Wedding Rings in multiplayer as long as you haven’t bought it yet. Then, you will need one Prismatic Shard and 5 Iridium Bars to craft the Wedding Ring. You can then give it to the other player to ask them to marry you, and if they accept, you will get together with your friend.

Complete The Missing Bundle

Once you save the Community Center and destroy JojaMart, you will find a new bundle inside the abandoned market called the Missing Bundle. Completing this bundle will turn the abandoned JojaMart into a Movie Theater. All of the items you need for this bundle are very hard to get, and one of them is the Prismatic Shard. Luckily, it is an optional item for the bundle, so you can just ignore it and collect all the other items if you want to use the shard for something else.

Donate to Museum

When you first get your hands on a Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley, you will see in the description that you should donate it to Gunther at the Museum. Usually, it is a really bad idea to use your first-ever Prismatic Shard to donate it to the Museum. The best thing to do with your first Prismatic Shard is to get the Galaxy Sword in the Desert. Afterward, it would be a good choice to give it to Gunther to also get closer to completing the donations for the Museum.

Enchant Tools at the Forge

The Forge is a special location on Ginger Island where you can upgrade, enchant, and create tools and weapons. Enchantments in Stardew Valley will give tools incredibly powerful upgrades that will make them a lot more efficient. For example, you can get a tool to never use Energy when you wield them or to use them 33% faster than normal. To enchant a tool at the Forge at level 10 of the Volcano Dungeon, you will need 1 Prismatic Shard and 20 Cinder Shards.

Here is a list of all the enchantments you can get in Stardew Valley, using Prismatic Shards, for each of the tools in the game:

  • Auto-Hook (Fishing Rod) – Automatically starts the fishing minigame when the fish bites.
  • Archaeologist (Hoe) – +100% chance of finding Artifacts in artifact spots.
  • Bottomless (Watering Can) – Infinite water.
  • Efficient (All Tools) – No energy drain.
  • Generous (Hoe) – 50% chance of double item from digging.
  • Master (Fishing Rod) – Extra Fishing level.
  • Powerful (Axe and Pickaxe) – Extra power level.
  • Preserving (Fishing Rod) – 50% chance that Bait and Tackle aren’t consumed.
  • Reaching (Hoe and Watering Can) – Increases the maximum area of effect of charged uses.
  • Shaving (Axe) – Extra wood from all trees.
  • Swift (Axe, Hoe, and Pickaxe) – 33% faster.

Gift it

The Prismatic Shard is an item considered a universally loved gift. You can give it to almost any one of the villagers in Stardew Valley and you will gain the maximum amount of friendship points per gift. The only person in Pelican Town who actually hates the Prismatic Shard is Haley. Otherwise, all the other ones love it.

There are usually much better items to gift the villagers of Stardew Valley since they aren’t as rare or as annoying to get, but it is good to know that you can give it to them if you somehow have them in abundance.

Make Rainbow Junimo

Later in the game, you will get Junimo Huts on your farm, which have little worker Junimos ready to take care of your crops and harvest them. You can change the color of these Junimo by placing various crystals inside of their huts. If you place a Prismatic Shard inside the Junimo Hut, all of the Junimo that come out of that hut will constantly change colors and resemble a rainbow.

Again, as with the clothing, this use of the Prismatic Shard is purely cosmetic and won’t actually help you in any way. They won’t be more efficient in their work, but they will look cool as their colors keep changing.

Trade for Magic Rock Candy

This is one of the most practical things to do with Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley, as you actually get real benefits from this. Once you unlock Calico Desert in Stardew Valley by completing the Vault bundles, you will gain access to the Desert Trader. This trader will give you really good items in exchange for minerals and items that you usually get by mining or foraging inside dungeons.

One of the best deals he offers is on Thursdays, when he gives you one Magic Rock Candy for three Prismatic Shards. Though this might sound like a bad trade, the Magic Rock Candy is actually the best consumable item in Stardew Valley. This amazing item will give you the following benefits for 8 minutes and 24 seconds:

  • Mining +2
  • Luck +5
  • Speed +1
  • Defense +5
  • Attack +5
  • Energy +500
  • Health +225

Though it offers a lot of buffs, the best thing you get is that +5 Luck.