Polygon’s Best of the Year 2023

2023: A Year of Remarkable Media

Tears of the Kingdom made a significant impact, appearing to secure the game of the year title as early as May. However, later in the year, unexpected contenders like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Alan Wake 2 emerged, pushing the boundaries of the medium.

Barbenheimer signaled a resurgence in the film industry, drawing massive audiences and hinting at the potential decline of Disney’s box office dominance. These were just a couple of the many blockbuster releases in a year filled with cinematic spectacle.

The year also saw a plethora of video game adaptations as the mainstream entertainment industry further embraced the medium. From the Mario movie to HBO’s The Last of Us, and Twisted Metal to Gran Turismo, the results varied, with more adaptations in the pipeline.

Thrilling new seasons of some of the biggest anime series, along with the emergence of new shows that quickly gained dedicated fanbases, were also highlights of the year. Additionally, the release of great books and tabletop games in 2023 will keep enthusiasts engaged well into 2024.

This is our roundup of the best that 2023 had to offer in the world of games and entertainment.