What happens when you die in A Highland Song?

Death in A Highland Song

In A Highland Song, the constant threat of exhaustion and death is always looming over you. Moira is well aware of this, often mentioning it during the game. So what exactly happens when your health reaches zero?

In A Highland Song, the health bar on the left side of the screen is constantly affected by the weather, your missteps, and any falls. Every injury takes a toll on Moria’s life. This naturally leads to the question of what happens when your health reaches zero.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

A Highland Song is actually quite lenient when it comes to death. If your health reaches zero after a fall, you’ll respawn where you jumped off with only a minor reduction in health. However, if you had a critical amount of health before dying, you’ll wake up at the last peak or shelter you rested at. Your health will be fully restored, and your maximum health will be increased if it had previously been decreased. This will also cause you to rest until the next morning. While this can be a blessing, it’s mostly not desirable if you want to reach Beltane on time.

How to prevent dying in A Highland Song

You’ll take damage in A Highland Song in several ways. Thunderstorms will deplete your health slowly, and while it won’t kill you, it can bring your health down to a critical level. Therefore, it’s important to stay out of the rain and make sure to rest after heavy downpours.

Tired In A Highland Song
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Most of your injuries in A Highland Song are sustained through exhaustion, falls, slips, and mistimed sprints. The only way to avoid this kind of damage is by being cautious. Stop when Moira is exhausted, avoid climbing steep or large obstacles, and take it slow. Make sure you know the location of the nearest house where you can rest before night falls, as sleeping in the open will cause your maximum health to plummet.

Just remember, the journey to Beltane is a long one, so it’s important to take care of Moira’s health along the way. Sleep comfortably, avoid unnecessary risks, and pay attention to the weather to maximize your chances of survival.