Stardew Valley – How to Get and Use a Furnace

Furnaces are crucial items in games with mining mechanics, as players spend a lot of time smelting various ores they acquire while mining nodes.

In Stardew Valley, players will experience a similar need for Furnaces to craft the necessary ingots for their farm.

There are plenty of items to craft and different types of ores to smelt in the Furnace, so obtaining and using it as soon as possible is essential.

To obtain the Furnace in Stardew Valley, players will need to acquire a Copper Ore. Once obtained, Clint will visit the farm and gift the recipe for crafting the Furnace. To use the Furnace, players simply hold the ore they want to smelt and use it on the Furnace while also having Coal in their inventory.

How to Get Furnace in Stardew Valley

To acquire the Furnace recipe in Stardew Valley, players must first obtain a Copper Ore. There are several methods to obtain the first Copper Ore:

  • Mining
  • Fishing Chests
  • Purchase

Getting 1 Copper Ore

The most common way to obtain the first Copper Ore is by mining rocks in the Mines. Once at floor 2 of the Mines, there is a slight chance that even normal rocks will yield a Copper Ore.

There are special nodes that only yield Copper Ore on the first floors of the Mines, increasing the chances of acquiring one through mining.

Additionally, players may acquire Copper Ore from treasure chests obtained through fishing. Fishing has a small chance to yield a treasure chest, which often contains Ores for the farm.

Lastly, players can purchase a Copper Ore from Clint’s shop, the Blacksmith, for 75 g.

Getting the Furnace Recipe and Your First Furnace

The day after acquiring the first Copper Ore, players will receive an event while exiting the farmhouse between 6 and 11:30 AM, where Clint will gift the Furnace recipe to craft.

To craft the Furnace, players need to:

  1. Open the Menu (press E on a keyboard, B on Xbox and Switch, O on PS).
  2. Go to the Crafting tab (the one that has a hammer icon).
  3. Press the Furnace icon and drag it into the inventory.

The Furnace will appear transparent if the required items to craft it are not available. Players will need Stone x25 and Copper Ore x20 to craft a Furnace.

Players can craft as many Furnaces as they want without any restrictions.

Other Ways to Get a Furnace

Players can also acquire a Furnace by completing the Blacksmith’s Bundle at the Community Center. However, this is not a viable method to obtain the first Furnace since ingots are needed to complete the Bundle.

Nevertheless, completing the Bundle offers an extra Furnace later in the game, requiring a Copper Ingot, an Iron Ingot, and a Gold Ingot.

Aside from crafting, there are no other methods to obtain the Furnace.

How to Use Furnace in Stardew Valley

After crafting a Furnace, players can place it anywhere on the farm or off it. However, placing it outside the farm runs the risk of villagers accidentally destroying it, so players need to avoid obvious paths.

Once the Furnace is placed, players will need Coal and Ores to use it. Here’s how to use the Furnace in Stardew Valley:

  1. Equip the Ore for smelting (select it in the hot bar and hold it over the head).
  2. Interact with the Furnace with Coal in the inventory.
  3. Wait up to 8 hours, depending on the quality of the Ore, and interact with the Furnace to pick up the Ingot.

Tips for Using the Furnace

A common issue players face when using the Furnace is not having Coal in the inventory. Without Coal, the smelting process won’t start, and players won’t receive any hints about missing resources.

Players need at least 1 Coal per Ore they want to smelt in the Furnace, and will see an animation as the Furnace starts burning and turns the Ore into an Ingot.

Each Furnace can only smelt one Ore at a time, so players will need multiple machines to obtain more Ingots simultaneously. The smelting time for each Ore type in the Furnace in Stardew Valley is as follows:

  • Copper Ore – 30 minutes
  • Iron Ore – 2 hours
  • Gold Ore – 5 hours
  • Iridium Ore – 8 hours

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and use a Furnace in Stardew Valley!

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