How does Sanity Level work in Lethal Company? Answered

Sanity Level plays a crucial role in the dynamics of Lethal Company, impacting players’ interactions with the infamous Ghost Girl. This hidden game mechanic gauges players’ levels of paranoia as they explore the game’s facilities, but it offers no clear indicator of individual Sanity Levels. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the concept of Sanity Level within Lethal Company.

Understanding the Sanity Level in Lethal Company

The Sanity Level is a concealed statistic in Lethal Company that remains unmeasurable and unchecked throughout the game. The GhostGirl Al selects her prey based on this elusive metric, with lower Sanity Levels making players more susceptible to her attacks. Additionally, the Sanity Level determines which crew member exhibits the highest level of paranoia, resulting in the “Most Paranoid” designation upon their return to the ship.

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Functionality of the Sanity Level in Lethal Company

Maintaining a higher Sanity Level is advantageous, as a decreasing level can attract hostile entities within the game. The Sanity Level diminishes when players spend prolonged periods alone in the dark within the facilities, as well as when they fail to communicate with their crewmates. Furthermore, excessive camera movement and the value of held scraps also influence the player’s Sanity Level, making it challenging to sustain a high level throughout the game.

To preserve a favorable Sanity Level, it is imperative to stick with a crewmate at all times, carry a Walkie-Talkie for constant communication, and promptly transfer valuable scraps back to the ship. It is important to note that while these strategies can help, the exact workings of the Sanity Level remain an enigma, as it has been observed and deciphered by the game’s community, rather than explicitly elucidated by the developers.

Lethal Company is now available to play on PC. Download the game from here.

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