Destiny 2 – How to Switch Characters

How to Efficiently Switch Characters in Destiny 2

Just like any other MMO, Destiny 2 requires players to have multiple characters on their account if they want to make the most of their game time.

Switching characters is very easy and will quickly become second nature to any player who knows how to do it. This guide should help you out.

How to Switch Characters in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 allows players to have a total of three different characters on their account, one for each of the three Classes. Each Class provides a unique way to experience the game, with different abilities and Exotic armors to explore.

When you are ready to swap to a different character, there are two ways you can do this. The first is by going to your Inventory Menu. From here, head to the Settings tab and find the Gameplay section. You will see an option to Exit Game or Change Character.

This will bring you to the same menu that you see when you first open the game, allowing you to select between your available characters.

The second method is a lot faster than the first and is widely used by PC players. Pressing the Esc key will bring up your Game Options menu. Here, you can quickly navigate to any of the major menus in the game. You will see a Change Character option near the bottom. Select this and you will be sent back to the character selection screen. Both methods work so feel free to use whatever is easiest for you.

Why Swap Characters?

Destiny 2 is an MMO. To get the most out of the game, you will need multiple characters. The only thing that each of your characters shares is your weapons. Aside from weapons, every aspect of the game will act as though you have swapped to a different save file when changing to a different character. Each of your characters has their own progression for campaign missions, meaning you can not quit out of a campaign mission and swap characters to continue that same mission. Your characters each have their own checkpoints for Dungeons and Raids as well. Each character has a unique collection of Exotic armor pieces that are only available to them. You can only unlock Exotic armor pieces for the Class that you are currently playing. If you want to unlock all of the different Exotic armor pieces in the game, you will need to swap between all three of the different Classes to do so. When farming for specific weapons or Exotic gear that only has a chance to drop once a week, you will need multiple characters to maximize your chances of getting the drop you want before having to wait until the next weekly reset to try again. This can greatly speed up the process of obtaining weapons that you want to use on your favorite Class simply by having your other two Classes available for the loot drops as well. You will not find a veteran of the game without one of each of the three Classes always ready to swap. One of the more important reasons you would want to swap characters is to increase their Power Level and unlock all of their abilities. It is a good idea to try and keep all three of your characters at a respectable Power Level in case your Fireteam needs somebody to swap to a different Class for a given Raid or Dungeon encounter. Lastly, the most important reason you would want to swap characters is to have fun. Each of the three Classes provides a very unique toolset for you to use as you approach the many challenges you will face during your time in Destiny 2. While you can definitely play through most of the game’s content with a single character, there is a lot of Destiny 2 that can only be explored by swapping to a different character.

Now, you are ready to begin enjoying Destiny 2 with all three of your characters! Which Class has become your favorite to use? Do you find yourself swapping between your characters often? Let me know in the comments!