All Gingerbread Galore Rewards in Monopoly GO

The Gingerbread Galore milestone event has started in Monopoly GO. For all the sweet rewards, keep reading!

How does the Gingerbread Galore event work in Monopoly GO?

Gingerbread Galore is a milestone event in Monopoly GO. In milestone events, it’s your task to get as many points as you can. At each milestone, you’ll be rewarded. The rewards will be higher as you advance further in the event – but the point requirements will be higher! To get points in Gingerbread Galore, you’ll need to land on board tiles. Land on the following tiles to earn points:

  • Chance Tile = 2 points.
  • Community Chest = 3 points.
  • Railroad = 5 points.

That leaves you with ten tiles that will earn you points around the board. If you’re rolling with a dice multiplier, your points will be multiplied, too! So you’ll want to be rolling high to win high. Like normal, the Gingerbread Galore milestone event will last for two days, until the 12th of December.

All Rewards for Gingerbread Galore in Monopoly GO

Below is a full list of rewards for the Gingerbread Galore event in Monopoly GO. Note that cash prizes can’t be given a value as it’ll be different from player to player. A huge thanks to @itsjakesm on X for the info!

MilestonePoints neededRewards

125Green Sticker Pack

2033 Pickaxe Tokens

34025 Free Rolls


5160100 Free Rolls

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