Alan Wake 2 Update Adds New Game Plus, Nightmare Difficulty

Alan Wake 2 December 11, 2023 Update Details

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that the next update for Alan Wake 2 will be released on Monday, December 11, across all platforms. This update will introduce the highly-requested New Game Plus mode along with a new ending and Nightmare difficulty.

The new ending, titled The Final Draft, will be released along with new lore in the form of videos and manuscripts added to the New Game Plus mode. According to Remedy, this new ending will “spark speculation and theories among our dedicated fans.” The update will also include some “subtle additions” for players to discover on their own.

New Game Plus will allow players to retain all weapons, charms, and character upgrades from their first playthrough. The Nightmare difficulty, on the other hand, will offer intensified enemies, strategic gameplay, and an adrenaline-pumping experience that will push players’ skills to the limit.

Additionally, players will find all their weapons from the first playthrough in the first available shoebox, rather than in the inventory at the start of New Game Plus.

The update will also bring numerous bug fixes and improvements, and patch notes for these changes will be available nearer to the release date.