PS Plus January 2024 Predictions & Release Date

The upcoming new year also means a new month, which is when PlayStation Plus subscribers get a new selection of free titles to try. Though we are a little ways off of actually knowing what the games might be, it’s very fun to guess at possibilities.

Without further ado, here are what we think might be your PlayStation Plus games for January 2024.

PlayStation Plus January 2024 Games Release Date

All the January 2024 PlayStation Plus games will be available to download or add to your library on Jan. 2. To be safe, you have until Jan. 1 to make sure you picked up the December games.

January 2024 PS Plus Predictions

Typically, PlayStation officially announces their PlayStation Plus games on the last Thursday of the month, which would make it Dec. 28 for these.

Immortals of Aveum

Image Credit: Ascendant Studios via Twinfinite

Take on the role of Jak, a citizen in the slums in the magical world of Aveum. His city, Seren, is part of Lucium, which has been warring with Rasharn for ages in the Everwar. After the Rasharnians invade Seren, it is revealed that Jak is a Triarch and can wield all three colors (blue, red, and green) of magic. This brings him under the tutelage of Kirkan, one of the storied warriors of the Immortals.

It’s no secret that Immortals of Aveum didn’t exactly do well critically or financially, but the game itself isn’t that bad. The poor reception likely prevented players who might’ve resonated with the game’s mix of Call of Duty and Magic from picking it up. From just playing it, Immortals feels like a game destined to be dropped onto a subscription service. If it isn’t this month, it will likely be sometime in 2024.

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake
Image Source: Motive Studios

Though it’s not the Dead Space 4 that would’ve solved a longstanding cliffhanger, the Dead Space Remake serves as the next evolution of the franchise. Rejoin engineer Isaac Clarke on his journey to the Ishimura to learn what has happened to the vessel and fix it. At the same time, he is aware that his girlfriend Nicole is on board and ends up following her trail while things continue to fall apart. The terrific third-person shooter gameplay and frights are only heightened with this remake.

Though it did miss the chance to release as part of October’s selection, this is a perfect game for PlayStation Plus at any point. Alongside the Resident Evil 4 remake, Dead Space has also been excellently recreated. Also, PlayStation Plus already got the average copy with The Callisto Protocol, so it’s time to get the real thing.


Image Source: Luminous Productions

Visit the world of Athia as New York City resident Frey is somehow sucked into a whole different world that is on the verge of collapse. She and her mysterious talking Cuff must journey to figure out what is ailing the world and discover why she ended up there. It was lauded for the somewhat cringe dialogue, but it’s truly not all that bad.

In a similar case as Immortals of Aveum, Forspoken just didn’t draw in the payers despite being a PS5 exclusive. Though most exclusives are guaranteed to come to PlayStation Plus at some point, Forspoken wasn’t a first-party title, so it likely follows different rules. It’s a neat little open-world adventure that could certainly benefit from giving players an easy chance to try it.

Even if only one of these January PS Plus predictions comes true, it will hopefully be Dead Space, so fingers crossed. What do you think might be the possible games for January? Let us know your picks in the comments.

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