Tekken 8 Is Going Big on Story… Twice

The Tekken Team’s Commitment to Story

The Tekken team cares deeply about the narrative of their series, proudly boasting that it holds the world record for the longest-running single story in video games. The saga of the Mishima clan and the King of Iron Fist Tournament has been unfolding for nearly 30 years, featuring dramatic twists and turns along the way. The upcoming release, Tekken 8, promises to deliver the most bold and cinematic version of the story yet.

Two Story Modes

What makes Tekken 8 particularly unique is that it effectively contains two story modes this time, each focusing on different subjects. The core new story mode continues the tale of Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, delving into the intense rivalry between father and son, both wielding devilish powers. The game also allows players to catch up on the story through digests of previous mainline Tekken games.

Bandai Namco is going all-in on storytelling for Tekken 8, crafting a more cinematic experience than ever before. The new Story mode seamlessly weaves cutscenes together with fights, creating a fast-paced and exhilarating narrative. The action-packed nature of Tekken 8 is evident from the beginning, as the story kicks off with Jin engaging in a thrilling battle with Kazuya.

Arcade Quest Mode

In addition to the core story mode, Tekken 8 also introduces the Arcade Quest mode, offering a combination of tutorials, story elements, and challenging gameplay. This mode provides players with a lighthearted and stylized version of the Tekken 8 arcade scene, complete with a chibi-like avatar and a group of aspiring Tekken champions.

Arcade Quest serves as an ideal starting point for newcomers to the game, providing tutorials on basic systems, character customization, and the new Heat system. It also incorporates the Super Ghost Battle mechanic, allowing players to test their skills and improve through trial and error.

Mechanics and Special Style Mode

While the story takes center stage, Tekken 8 also features classic 3D fighter mechanics with various updates to increase aggression and keep the gameplay engaging. The introduction of the new Heat system and an increased focus on walls, destructibility, and scene transitions add new layers to the combat experience.

For those who are more interested in immersing themselves in the story, the new Special Style Mode is the perfect option. This mode allows players to use simplified inputs to perform combos and specials, ensuring that they can enjoy the best of their chosen character without extensive mastery.

With promising elements such as storylines for all 32 playable characters, it’s clear that Tekken 8 has a multitude of tales to tell.