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Reacher Season 2 Premieres on Prime Video

Season 2 of Reacher premieres Friday, December 15 on Prime with the first three episodes. Subsequent episodes will arrive every Friday until January 19, 2024.

Exploring Reacher Season 2

After establishing Jack Reacher’s skull-crushing credentials by adapting author Lee Child’s 1997 debut novel, Killing Floor, for season 1, Prime’s Reacher leaps forward through the former military cop’s long-running catalogue of crime solving for its sophomore year. Taking on the 11th Reacher book, Bad Luck and Trouble, is a smart move: Not only is it one of the strongest stories in the series, but it’s also the perfect way to surround Reacher with old peers who are immediately on board with his particular brand of vigilante justice.

The Plot of Season 2

While drifting back and forth across the United States with no phone and no home, Reacher (Alan Ritchson) receives a coded emergency message via his bank balance from former teammate Frances Neagley (Maria Sten) – returning from season 1 for a much larger role this time around. Members of the US Army squad Reacher commanded are being killed, so he reunites with the survivors of the 110th MP Special Investigations unit to both find out who’s responsible and to return the favor.

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New Setting and Characters

The action has been switched to New York, Atlantic City, and the Catskills, providing a nice contrast to the small-town Georgia setting of season 1 and allowing for the introduction of The Wire’s Domenick Lombardozzi as NYPD detective Gaitano Russo.

Character Depth and Development

Reacher himself continues to be a powerful lead character, both literally and figuratively, carrying himself with almost impossible confidence. This season does a better job of letting Reacher look uncomfortable at times, showing other dimensions to the character than just brute strength.

Review of Season 2

The steady stream of shootouts, car chases, and brawls that lie between Reacher’s crew and the criminals they seek are generally well-crafted, making the action-packed finale an inevitable and unstoppable part of the appeal of the show.