Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire Review

Rebel Moon is now playing in select theaters. It streams on Netflix beginning Friday, December 22.

The Origins of Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon was initially conceived as a potential Star Wars trilogy by director Zack Snyder before it eventually evolved into a space opera in two parts. The film edges close to being a rejected Star Wars script, with clear narrative and visual inspirations from other iconic sci-fi works such as Dune, Blade Runner, The Matrix, and more. However, it struggles to establish its own unique identity amidst these influences.

The Story of Rebel Moon

The film begins with a description of a universe ruled by brutal totalitarianism and corrupt feudal powers. However, the narrative and information delivery fail to make these concepts engaging, leaving much to be desired in terms of world-building.

The Characters of Rebel Moon

The protagonist, Kora, exhibits a mix of strong female characteristics, but her character sometimes verges on resembling other iconic heroes from the MCU. The supporting cast of warriors also receives superficial treatment, leaving much to be desired in terms of character development.

The Action in Rebel Moon

The action sequences in the film suffer from cramped and uninspired camerawork, failing to live up to Snyder’s previous works. The limited locations and time spent on each planet further detract from the promise of an elaborate and unique universe.

Rebel Moon struggles to make good on its promise of an elaborate universe


Overall, Rebel Moon’s first part fails to deliver on its potential, with mediocre world-building and storytelling. While the sequel might hold some promise, the first installment offers little incentive to return to its universe.