What are Soft Objectives in Ready or Not?

You have the freedom to play the game as you like, but there are hidden secrets waiting to be unearthed. Let’s explore what Soft Objectives are in the game Ready or Not.

Ready or Not: Understanding Soft Objectives

In Ready or Not, just like many other games, there are main missions and side missions. Objectives in the game can be categorized into Main Objectives, which are essential for completing a mission, and Soft Objectives, which are optional tasks that players can choose to pursue. These Soft Objectives often involve finding secondary objects or non-playable characters to report.

Image: VOID Interactive

Despite being labeled as “optional,” it’s important not to overlook Soft Objectives. These tasks play a significant role for two main reasons. Firstly, completing Soft Objectives will impact your overall ranking score upon completing the mission. This is similar to other games where completing main missions contributes to a completion percentage.

It’s unlikely that your completion percentage will be 100%, which is where Soft Objectives come in. Achieving an S-Rank in each mission will require players to thoroughly explore the environment and report even the smallest details and objects.

Secondly, Soft Objectives provide valuable lore for players who are eager to delve deeper into the game’s story and setting. Players who focus on completing every Soft Objective will not only receive a score bonus, but also gain important exposition that enhances their understanding of the mission’s background and potential plot twists.

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Given Ready or Not’s heavy subject matter in its missions, having Soft Objectives to uncover additional lore is a valuable addition to the game. Players are encouraged to explore every corner, interact with various objects, and remain undetected by enemies.

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