Lego Fortnite Fast Travel Isn’t There Yet, But You Can Travel Fast

Millions of players have flocked to Lego Fortnite since its launch a week ago, and the game has garnered a surprising amount of polish for such a brand-new release in 2023. However, the game still lacks depth and an endgame, leaving players to wonder what the ultimate goal of the experience is.

At present, the focus of the game is on discovering the full extent of what Lego Fortnite can offer in its current state. One major issue is the lack of efficient travel options and resource transportation. Traveling from one place to another is time-consuming, and players are inconvenienced by having to manually carry resources across the map with limited inventory space. With no fast-travel feature, the primary mode of travel provided in the game is a glider, which enables quick movement but does not address the need for efficient resource transport.

Workarounds for fast travel

Players have been experimenting in sandbox mode to devise methods for transporting materials using makeshift vehicles created from in-game parts. Some have succeeded in constructing working planes, trains, and automobiles, which can be seen on various YouTube videos. However, these vehicles are not well-suited for survival mode due to the durability of certain parts. In survival mode, the wear and tear of these parts can cause the vehicles to break down after some use, with no way to perform repairs or maintenance as one would in real life.

Issues with dynamic objects

Moreover, dynamic objects, such as trees or buildings, run the risk of being despawned when not fixed to the world, creating further challenges for players. Despite the possibility of creating vehicles with storage chests for faster resource movement, the uncertainty of these vehicles staying intact and the likelihood of requiring significant repairs pose obstacles for players.

Exploring fast travel options

However, despite these challenges, players have explored different vehicle designs to enable faster movement in Lego Fortnite. Some have experimented with airships, which offer the advantage of being able to travel without requiring infrastructure. Others have focused on train and car designs, prioritizing functionality over aesthetics in the early days of the game.

In conclusion, while a proper fast-travel system may eventually be introduced to Lego Fortnite, for now, players are enjoying the process of experimenting with the tools available to them. The game is still in its early stages, and players are eagerly innovating and creating new ways to navigate and transport resources in the game.