How to get free CP in CoD Mobile

How to Get Free CoD Points in CoD Mobile

A lot of Call of Duty is brought over to CoD Mobile like microtransactions. However, they’re optional and don’t give you much of an advantage for gameplay such as buying good guns early. They just allow you to earn more items faster. CoD Points (CP for short) is one of the currencies in the mobile game. You can get them by spending real money, but we’ll show you how to get free CP in CoD Mobile.

To earn this premium currency, you can spend money as mentioned, or you can redeem codes to apply to your account. Again, both those methods require money. However, you can get some for free. The process of getting free CoD Points is easy but you need to play a lot longer and consistently.

Two Best Ways to Get Free CoD Points in CoD Mobile

  • Reward Wheel: The wheel can be accessed only through the tournament mode. You’ll have a chance of earning 300 CoD Points or 10 CoD Points through this reward system. Landing on the Points is surprisingly low, so there’s a high chance you may not get the CoD Points. To participate in the Rewards Wheel you’ll need Gold Cupons. There are a few ways to earn these coupons. The easiest way to level up your Milestone Pass and upgrade it at the end. The second and longest way is through the Leaderboard Rewards system. By going this way, you’ll either get as little as five or as many as 30.
  • Snapdragon Pro Series: This is tournament mode within the ranked of CoD Mobile. Depending on how well you play, you can earn quite a bit of CoD Points this way. The Snapdragon Pro Series is probably the longest way since you can only join the tournament went its running. Check their website for the next tournament to prepare yourself. You’ll also need to create or join a team of six. To get better rewards play with your team and play better than anyone else. However, even if you do rank high, the reward may not be CoD Points. So I suggest checking the table each season to see what Milestone you need to land to obtain a high number of CoD Points.
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What can CoD Points buy?

Just like the console games, you can use the currency in the CoD store to buy premium skins and other items. You can also purchase Weapon Upgrades for whichever one you’re using. There are also CoD Credits which you can earn by just playing, but they seem to only be used for a select group of items you can buy. If you want most or all of the premium gear and items, you need to be spending the CoD Points.

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