Railbreak’s Ballistic Bloodshed Wreaks Arcade Havoc Today on Xbox Series X|S

Meet the Developer of Railbreak

Good day, Survivors! I’m Evan Wolbach, co-founder of Dead Drop Studios. We’re thrilled to share the exciting news about Railbreak, our action-packed on-rails arcade shooter, available today on Xbox Series X|S! Since our last update, our first Unreal Engine 5 game has grown in every aspect!

A “Scream” You’ll Return to Again and Again

Replayability is key in an arcade game, so we’re excited to reveal how Railbreak promises endless entertainment! We aimed to create a fresh and captivating experience for both seasoned arcade on-rails shooter players and newcomers through the unpredictable ‘Glitch’ gameplay modifier system. Throughout the six acts in Railbreak’s fully-voiced, campy story, unexpected ‘Glitches’ will shake up the game. From firing icy blasts to dealing with randomized enemies and ‘Glitches’ in Glitch Gauntlet mode, Railbreak introduces the first rogue-like mode in an on-rails shooter.

Railbreak frost

Zany, Over-the-Top Firearms Give you the Edge in Battle

We’ve enhanced Railbreak’s weaponry to ensure that the armaments feel dynamic and gratifying to use. In Story mode, you can switch between different weapons found in each act, while other modes offer diverse unlockable characters, each with their unique loadouts, providing a refreshing experience in each round.

Diverse Special Infected Creatures Will Keep you on your Toes

Railbreak features a wide variety of unique zombies, including special infected abominations with distinctive attacks and attributes. These creatures, along with the ‘Glitched’ variants, offer relentless boss encounters and diverse gameplay, ensuring that no two encounters are the same. The new Boss Rush mode also provides an exciting challenge for players.

Railbreak sceenshot

Slay the Way You Want to with a Multitude of Options, Difficulties, and Modes

Railbreak is designed to offer a thrilling experience for all players, whether they play alone or with a friend. The game offers options for both beginners and seasoned players, in addition to a variety of modes to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. With local score tracking, a comprehensive settings menu, and an in-depth How to Play manual, Railbreak ensures that players can tailor their experience according to their preferences. Get ready to test your skills in Railbreak, now available for Xbox Series X|S. Survive the night and leave your mark on the city!