The Crown Season 6 Review

The final season of The Crown has arrived on Netflix to showcase decades of royal turmoil for a global audience.

With the release of the sixth and final season of The Crown, the series creators have endeavored to make it a worthy ending to the acclaimed portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure at the head of the British monarchy. However, the season evokes conflicting sentiments among viewers.

The Technical Marvel

The production design, costumes, and lighting in The Crown’s final season are impeccable, reflecting the great effort invested in creating a truly transportive experience for the audience. However, the creators’ excessive focus on various aspects of royal life and irrelevant stories detracts from viewers’ engagement with the series, making it tedious and unfulfilling.

The Diana Thread

The lead-up to Princess Diana’s death and her relationship with Dodi Fayed is among the season’s most powerful and poignant threads. The moments depicting their struggles, fears, and conflicting emotions provide depth and dimension to The Crown, showcasing the intentional liberties taken by the creators to serve the show’s tonal aims.

The Facades and Havoc

The world depicted in The Crown is intentionally perplexing, emphasizing the facade of composure maintained by the royal family to conceal internal conflicts and discord. The show adeptly explores the private turmoil caused by public facades, feeding off the dramatic dissonance within the royal family.

The Stellar Cast

The cast of The Crown continues to be the series’ strongest asset, with performances that humanize and dramatize the royal family with compelling depth and emotion. However, the brilliance of the cast isn’t enough to compensate for the series’ overall lack of stimulating content.

Flashes of brilliance aren’t enough to save The Crown from its worst habits

While there are flashes of brilliance in the final season, The Crown’s worst habits undermine its potential for a better conclusion. Despite the devastating depiction of grief in the aftermath of Diana’s death, the season’s tangential focus on the lives of Princes William and Harry leaves viewers disappointed and underwhelmed by the series’ conclusion.