Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – Best Support Companies

The Best Support Companies in Hearts of Iron 4

In Hearts of Iron 4, division composition is crucial to winning battles. The units you include within your divisions will have a significant impact on your offensive and defensive capabilities. Support Companies play a vital role in the division designer part of HOI4, as they offer separate slots to enhance your divisions with significant boosts without interfering with the infantry/tank battalions.

As you progress through the tech tree, you’ll encounter a wide range of choices when it comes to Support Companies, making it challenging to determine the ideal configuration for your divisions. In this guide, we will explore all the available Support Companies in HOI4 and evaluate the best options based on your division’s specific requirements.

Support Companies Explained

When creating a division in HOI4, you must select the combat battalions and Support Companies to enhance the main combat battalions. These extra battalions play a crucial role in providing unique bonuses and advantages to your divisions, significantly improving their overall performance.

Support Company Types

  • Artillery Companies
  • Recon Companies
  • Tech Tree Support Companies

Artillery Companies offer various options, including normal Artillery, Anti-Tank, and Anti-Air. Recon Companies, on the other hand, provide different capabilities based on the equipment used, such as Cavalry companies, Trucks, or Armored Cars. Additionally, the Tech Tree Support Companies, which comprise Engineers, Recon, Military Police, Maintenance, Field Hospital, Logistics, and Signal, offer unique bonuses for various division stats.

Best Support Companies in HOI4

The following six Support Companies stand out as the best options in HOI4:

  • Light Armored Recon Company
  • Engineer Company
  • Maintenance Company
  • Logistics Company
  • Signal Company
  • Light Flame Tank Company

Recon Companies

The Recon Company, especially the Light Armored Recon Company, is essential for all divisions. Its high Reconnaissance stat and other bonuses significantly improve battle performance and reduce troop losses.

Engineer Company

The Engineer Company’s Entrenchment stat provides a crucial defensive advantage, making it one of the best Support Companies in HOI4. It enables divisions to hold and secure territories effectively.

Maintenance Company

The Maintenance Company plays a vital role in preserving equipment, which directly impacts division strength and efficiency. Its Reliability bonus and equipment recovery capabilities are invaluable in critical situations.

Logistics Company

The Logistics Company’s ability to lower general Supply usage and fuel consumption significantly aids in maintaining large divisions and managing resources effectively in extended campaigns.

Signal Company

While the Signal Company is situational, its ability to increase division Initiative is especially beneficial for fast, mobile divisions, such as tanks and cavalry, allowing them to engage in battles faster and reinforce defensive lines effectively.

Light Flame Tank Company

The Light Flame Tank Company offers versatile attack bonuses and customization options, making it a valuable addition to divisions, enhancing their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Honorable Mentions

Although not among the best, the Military Police Company and Field Hospital have specific use cases, particularly for maintaining order in conquered territories and preserving division experience, respectively.

That covers everything you need to know about the best Support Companies in Hearts of Iron 4! If you have any feedback or suggestions for this guide, feel free to share them in the comments below.