Rebel Moon 2 trailer looks like Zack Snyder’s big payoff for Netflix

The first look at Rebel Moon: The Scargiver

The initial trailer for Rebel Moon: The Scargiver made its debut on Christmas Day, but despite amassing over 1 million views, it’s uncertain whether Netflix has a hit on its hands or a miss.

Rebel Moon currently holds the top spot as the most-viewed movie on Netflix, clocking in at 23.9M views within the first six days of its release on the platform. However, it’s not all smooth sailing for director Zack Snyder, as the fantasy space opera has received some of the most negative reviews of his career, landing somewhere between Sucker Punch and Justice League (the first attempt) on Rotten Tomatoes. Is there still hope for the Rebel Moon universe?

The future of Rebel Moon

Netflix is banking on the success of Rebel Moon, with a sequel, The Scargiver, already scheduled for release in spring 2024. There are also plans to expand the universe into other properties, including an R-rated cut of the first film, Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire, and a four-player co-op Rebel Moon video game from Super Evil Megacorp, set for release in the future.

A new hope for the franchise

While it may seem unlikely for a “course correction” to occur in the budding franchise, the first trailer for Rebel Moon: The Scargiver hints at potential improvements. The previous film promised a Seven Samurai-style team movie with an epic battle, but failed to deliver. With the groundwork set, The Scargiver appears to expand on the original pitch as a sequel, offering the action and iconography that Snyder originally envisioned. Additionally, the increased presence of Djimon Hounsou signals positive signs for the upcoming film.

What’s next for Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon: The Scargiver is set to premiere on Netflix on April 19, 2024. Furthermore, fans can anticipate the release of the rated-R cuts of either one or both of the movies, promising a different dimension from the PG-13 versions. These extended cuts may be worth the wait, according to Snyder.