GTA 5 Story DLC Reportedly Canceled Due to Internal Rift

Rockstar Games’ GTA 5 single-player story DLC was cancelled due to intense disagreements between higher-ups at the company, according to a recent report. While it was previously assumed that the success of GTA Online was the main reason for the cancellation, leaked internal documents have revealed a more complex story.

What Led to the Cancellation of GTA 5’s single-player DLC?

Leaked internal documents have confirmed that Rockstar had plans for several GTA 5 DLCs and expansions, all of which ultimately fell through. YouTuber Mors Mutual Insurance, who has extensively researched the matter, claims that creative differences between Rockstar founders and long-time GTA lead Leslie Benzies were the cause of the DLC’s cancellation.

The Houser brothers, co-founders of Rockstar, were allegedly in favor of single-player projects, while Benzies leaned more towards live service. This disagreement led to Benzies taking a lengthy sabbatical and eventually leaving Rockstar, resulting in a lawsuit against the company that was settled out of court. The report also states that Benzies’ departure prompted a significant number of resignations, leading to difficulties for Rockstar in maintaining focus on its single-player endeavors.

Following this issue, Rockstar shifted its focus to Red Dead Redemption 2 while continuing to support GTA Online. Other single-player projects, such as Bully 2 and a new Midnight Club, were also put on hold as a result.