Best Toppings Build for Cream Puff Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Best Toppings types for Cream Puff Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

  • Slot 1: Juicy Apple Jelly
  • Slot 2: Juicy Apple Jelly
  • Slot 3: Juicy Apple Jelly
  • Slot 4: Juicy Apple Jelly
  • Slot 5: Juicy Apple Jelly

As Cream Puff Cookie’s kit revolves around CRIT%, using Juicy Apple Jelly in all five Topping slots is the best option. Thanks to the equip bonus, fully upgraded toppings will boost Cream Puff Cookie’s CRIT% by a whopping 20%!

Cream Puff Cookie’s Skill, Jellius Extremus, increases its damage and HP restoration based on CRIT%. The higher the CRIT%, the more you heal your allies and deal damage to allies.

Image: PC Invasion

Not only does Cream Puff Cookie’s main skill improve with Juicy Apple Jellies, but so does her Magic Candy Skill. Extra Cream applies an ATK Up buff to all allies that scales with CPK’s CRIT% at the beginning of the battle.

Since both skills scale around pure CRIT%, you’ll notice a massive difference in their power as you equip and upgrade Juicy Apple Jelly. Never underestimate the Cream Buff.

Alternate Cream Puff Cookie Toppings

If you don’t have five spare Juicy Apple Jellies, you can fill the gaps with Swift Chocolate and/or Sweet Candy. Swift Chocolate is useful for all cookies, while Sweet Candy amplifies the power of Cream Buff from the Magic Candy skill.

How to get Cream Puff Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cream Puff Cookie Unity Cookie Run Kingdom
Image: Devsisters

Cream Puff Cookie is available exclusively from the Guild Gacha. As the name suggests, you need to be part of a Guild to access the Guild Gacha, which can be found in the Guild HQ.

Rather than using Cookie Cutters, the Guild Gacha uses Heroic Torches earned by completing Guild-related activities. In order for one Guild Gacha pull, you need 100 Heroic Torches.

What are the chances of pulling Cream Puff Cookie?

Players have a 0.300% chance of pulling Cream Puff Cookie from the Guild Gacha. If you didn’t crumble into bits reading that, you’ll be glad to know that pulling a piece of Cream Puff Cookie’s Soulstone is a 1% chance.

While your grind for Cream Puff Cookie may be tough, the good news is that you can receive Juicy Apple Jelly from Guild Gacha pulls. There’s also a chance of getting the Bookseller’s Monocle, Insignia of the Indomitable Knights, and the Order’s Sacred Fork — all treasures exclusive to the Guild Gacha.

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