How to get The Navigator in Destiny 2


Most Exotics in Destiny can be obtained with some good old-fashioned grinding, but some remain exceptionally rare. One such weapon is the Navigator, but you’ll need lady luck by your side if you want your own. Here’s how to get the Navigator in Destiny 2.

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Where to find the Navigator in Destiny 2

The Navigator is a coveted Exotic Strand Trace Rifle and is only available from the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. To make matters worse, The Navigator only drops from the final boss fight against Simmumah Ur-Nokru and has a miserable drop rate. It’s theorized that the base drop rate is only 5%, so you’ll likely have to run Ghosts of the Deep multiple times. Unfortunately, you can only go for the Exotic reward once per week per character.

Can I increase the odds of the Navigator dropping in Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, the Navigator is an uncommon drop, no matter what you do. You can try a couple of things to tip the scales, even though the odds remain stacked against you.

Complete Ghost of the Deep Triumphs

Image: PC Invasion

If you’re good enough to consistently beat the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon, you can give the Triumphs a shot. You can view the relevant Triumphs under the ‘Legends’ tab and permanently increase your chances of earning the Navigator by completing specific tasks. The Triumphs are tough but will improve your odds of a drop.

Use the Exotic Rotator

Each week, a different Dungeon becomes part of the Exotic Rotation. While active, every Ghosts of the Deep completion has the chance to drop the Navigator. These weeks are the best time to farm for the weapon, as you can run them as often as you like. 

The Navigator is an elusive Exotic weapon, so I recommend treating it like a long-term grind. If you’re hungry for a new Fusion Rifle and are happy to run a Stasis one, why not try the Riptide instead? Check out our guide to learn where to get it and the perks you should aim for.