Persona 3 Reload Opening Movie Revealed With New Music Track

Persona 3 Reload Opening Movie Video

Atlus has unveiled the highly anticipated opening movie for Persona 3 Reload, giving fans a glimpse of the reimagined RPG classic along with a new music track for the game called Full Moon, Full Life.

Persona 3 Reload promises to bring back the qualities of the beloved RPG classic while introducing modern visuals inspired by Persona 5, marking a new era for the franchise.

The game’s official synopsis describes it as follows: “Step into the shoes of a transfer student thrust into an unexpected fate when entering the hour ‘hidden’ between one day and the next. Awaken an incredible power and chase the mysteries of the Dark Hour, fight for your friends, and leave a mark on their memories forever. Persona 3 Reload is a captivating reimagining of the genre-defining RPG, reborn for the modern era.”

In addition to the unveiling of the opening movie, it has been confirmed that Persona 3 Reload will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store on February 2, 2024 worldwide. This release is hot on the heels of the remaster of the original Persona 3 in 2023 as well as console ports of Persona 4 Golden and a current-gen upgrade for Persona 5 Royal.