Persona 3 Reload’s Opening Movie Includes A Brand New Song And You Can Watch It Right Now

Exciting News for Persona 3 Fans

Get ready, because Persona 3 Reload is launching on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on February 2. One of the most anticipated features of any Persona game is the “opening movie,” and Atlus has just released the opening movie for Persona 3 Reload, showcasing an all-new track titled “Full Moon Full Life.”

What to Expect

In the opening movie, fans will get a glimpse of the main character, the entire cast, as well as Persona, Igor, and more. As always, the animation in the opening movie stays true to the flashy and stylish aesthetic that Persona is known for, and it does not disappoint. Atlus has issued a content warning for violent and sensitive material in the trailer, so viewer discretion is advised.

Watch the Persona 3 Reload Opening Movie

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