Konami Is Bringing Back Rocket Knight Adventures And Felix The Cat

Classic Konami Games Making a Comeback

Limited Run Games and Konami have partnered to revive classic series Rocket Knight Adventures and Felix the Cat. The two collections, which are coming to the Switch, will be available both digitally in the eShop and physically through Limited Run Games.

The Felix the Cat collection will include the 1992 NES original and the 1993 Game Boy adventure, while Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked will feature Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, and the SNES-exclusive spin-off Sparkster. Both collections will include added features such as save states, and quality-of-life improvements. Rocket Knight Adventures will also boast a boss rush mode.

Felix the Cat & Rocket Knight games are getting re-releases! 🙌 Digital collections for both of these beloved franchises are coming soon via @LimitedRunGames’ Carbon Engine.

Felix The Cat on NES and Game Boy was developed by Hudson Soft, which merged with Konami in 2012. Both games are side-scrolling platformers based on the cartoon character.

On the other hand, Rocket Knight Adventures debuted on the Mega Drive / Sega Genesis in 1993 and was designed by Contra creator Nobuya Nakazato. The main character, Sparkster, became a bit of a mascot for Konami in the ’90s, making various cameos in Konami games. The franchise was briefly revived in 2010 with the Xbox Live and PSN title Rocket Knight.

Pre-orders for physical versions of Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked will be available from 19th January until 18th February 2024 through Limited Run Games’ website. The pre-order window for Felix the Cat will open on 9th February and close on 10th March 2024.

2024 seems to be a year where Konami is revisiting its past. In addition to the Rocket Knight Adventures and Felix the Cat collections, Contra: Operation Galuga, developed by WayForward, will be released later this year, while classic PS1 JRPGs Suikoden I & II are set to receive a remaster, potentially in 2024. Not to be forgotten are the speculated Metal Gear Solid 3 or Silent Hill 2 remakes.

Are you excited to see Rocket Knight Adventures and Felix the Cat return? Will you be picking these up physically or digitally? Let us know in the comments.

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