You can literally play Nothing on Steam right now

Why play something when you can play Nothing?

Are you so engrossed in a game that when someone asks you what you’re playing, you respond “Nothing”? Well, now you can quite literally play a game called “Nothing” and save yourself from any confusion. On January 10, 2024, Pixelatto, an independent game creator, released “Nothing”, a free “psychological horror” game on Steam where the objective is to do absolutely nothing.

Image: PC Invasion

While many gamers are experimenting with completing challenging games using unconventional peripherals or big game companies are aiming to create innovative and groundbreaking games, “Nothing” presents a unique concept by simply instructing players to press a key to begin doing nothing. The game will continue as long as the player doesn’t press any key or move the mouse or controller.

If that’s not enough, on January 12, 2023, Pixelatto released another game called “Something” which requires players to do something, essentially the opposite of “Nothing”. The game is priced at 99 dollars, providing a complete contrast to the free “Nothing” game.

Something Press Any Key
Image: Pixelatto

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So, are you up for doing “Nothing”? Perhaps this game is a subtle message about taking a break from technology and spending time with loved ones, or perhaps even doing “Something” productive. Regardless, it’s a unique concept that challenges traditional gaming norms. Who knows, maybe there will be a game called “I don’t know” or “Whatever” in the future. But for now, have fun with “Nothing”. And if you’re looking for something else to play, check out the top 10 best free Steam games!