PS5 Outperforming PS4 in a Number of Areas, Leak Reveals

After a recent hack of Insomniac Games, a leaked PS5 vs PS4 performance presentation has indicated that the current-gen console is surpassing its predecessor in various important aspects, at least 27 months in from the presentation’s date.

PS5 vs PS4 performance comparison at 27 months

The leaked slide shows that the PS5 enjoys a higher attach rate compared to the PS4 (94% vs 92%) at the same point in their life cycles. Additionally, the average gameplay time on the PS5 is at least 6% higher, while its platform retention and gameplay hours per user percentage are also outperforming the PS4 at a similar stage.

Furthermore, the PS5 has a higher PlayStation Plus attach rate. However, it should be noted that PS5 players need PS Plus for basic functions such as backing up save data, as the console lacks the USB backup feature present in the PS4.

The leaked presentation also delved into the behavior of new players on the PS5 and PS4, revealing that the PS5 showed a higher gameplay attach rate and higher average gameplay time compared to the PS4.