When Is the Next Monopoly GO Partner Event?

Monopoly GO has an exciting feature called Partner Events, which are limited-time events that offer great rewards and goodies. However, these events seem to come and go without much notice from the developer, Scopely. This begs the question, is it possible to know when the next Partner Event is in Monopoly GO?

What is the partner event in Monopoly GO?

The partner event in Monopoly GO is a fantastic event that provides players with a chance to earn rewards. To join this event, players need to have reached the fifth board in the game. Once in, the event will introduce four new slots on the board and players will be teamed up with other participants to build new attractions.

To build these new attractions, players will need to spin the wheel. This spinning will reward both players with points as they work together to build. However, specific event tokens are required to spin the wheel, which can be earned from other events and pick-ups from the board.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Note that once a partnership is created, it cannot be undone for the remainder of the event, so players should choose their partners wisely. It’s recommended to reach out on Facebook or to friends to find dedicated partners.

The collaborative nature of this event has made it very popular among the player base, as it introduces cool new attractions to the board. However, once it ends, players are left wondering when the next one will roll around.

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Is there another Monopoly GO partner event planned?

The Gardening Partners event has just ended – I hope you got all the rewards you wanted out of it! I managed to max out one of the attractions for a juicy prize. Now that this Partners event is over, the next one is predicted to begin in February. These events are typically spaced few and far between, as they are very rewarding.

Considering that the previous Partners Event before Gardening Partners, Gift Partners, started on the 15th of December, we may not be waiting very long before the next one. As always, I’ll be keeping you well posted of the latest news regarding the next Partners Event.

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