Xbox Insider Release Notes – Xbox App [2401.1000.59.0]

Attention Xbox Insiders! A new build of the Xbox App for Windows is being released to those in the PC Gaming Insiders preview program. Your participation is greatly appreciated, so read on to find out about the fixes and known issues in this latest build. Be sure to update your Xbox app and Gaming Services to ensure you receive all the necessary fixes!

Details of the new prerelease products for PC Gaming:

Xbox App version: 2401.1000.59.0

  • Available: 5:00 p.m. PT – January 18th, 2023    

Game Bar version: 6.123.11012.0

  • Released: 5:00 p.m. PT – November 3rd, 2023

Xbox App Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where certain pages weren’t loading when trying to preinstall games.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for games in MRU doesn’t always show the full title
  • Fixed various UI issues, including some cut-off text, misaligned buttons, truncated text, etc…
  • Fixed an issue where the “only show unread messages” setting did not persist after changing it
  • Fixed an issue where playtime might not correctly show up in a friend’s profile.
  • Fixed various issues where content was not correctly displaying upon initially loading the app

Known Issues:

  • The team is investigating an issue where you might see an error when trying to install a small number of games.
  • The team is investigating an issue where some buttons on certain screens do not properly render

How to Get Xbox Insider Support

If you encounter any problems, be sure to leave feedback by navigating to the feedback option on your profile menu.

You can also provide feedback and get involved with the community on the Xbox Insiders Subreddit. When providing feedback, try to be as specific as possible. Take a look at recent posts to see if your issue has been addressed before posting a new one. This will help in getting the best support!

For updates on the Xbox Insider Program, follow us on Twitter. Keep an eye out for future Xbox Insider Release Notes for more information!

Thank you to everyone who participates in the Xbox Insider Program! Your feedback helps us continue to improve the gaming experience in the Xbox app on PC.