Monster Hunter’s Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary This Year – PlayerAuctions Blog

Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary with exciting announcements and new releases on the horizon. From a collaboration with Takara Tomy to the highly anticipated release of Monster Hunter Wilds, fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

Monster Hunter Wilds

The upcoming game, Monster Hunter Wilds, is poised to be the sixth main entry in the series and is set to release for next-gen consoles in 2025. With the lessons learned from previous installments, Capcom is expanding the scope and scale of the game, promising a fully realized version of the classic Monster Hunter experience.

Monster Hunter x Zoids Collaboration

Fans can also look forward to a collaboration between Monster Hunter and Zoids, with Takara Tomy and Capcom teaming up to bring the two franchises together in celebration of Zoids’ 40th anniversary. This exciting crossover will see the addition of Rathalos and Magnamalo to the Zoids product line, offering fans a unique mechanical twist on the iconic Monster Hunter creatures.

MSI Limited Edition Rathalos Designs and Creator Model Alatreon

For fans looking to show their love for the series, MSI has released limited edition Rathalos-themed laptops, graphics cards, CPU cases, and more. Additionally, Capcom is set to release an official figure of the fearsome Alatreon elder dragon, adding to the growing collection of Monster Hunter merchandise.

Monster Hunter Now January Content

Finally, Niantic’s new game, Monster Hunter Now, has exciting events lined up for January, including the addition of the Azure Rathalos and special time-limited events for players to participate in. With a resurgence of interest in the Monster Hunter franchise, 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for fans, with more updates and releases to come.