Multiplayer being ‘considered’ for Cyberpunk 2077 sequel says CD Projekt

CD Projekt is exploring the idea of incorporating multiplayer elements into the sequel of its popular game Cyberpunk 2077, as stated in an update on the studio’s current development plans. This update also included information about the studio’s intention to commence production on its next Witcher game this year.

CEO Adam Badowski, in an interview with Reuters, briefly discussed the Cyberpunk 2077 follow-up, officially known as Orion, mentioning that the studio was “considering” the addition of multiplayer elements. Although Badowski did not delve into further details about the potential multiplayer features for the sci-fi sequel, this revelation is certainly noteworthy.

Notably, CD Projekt had initially planned substantial multiplayer content for the original Cyberpunk 2077. It envisaged adding multiplayer to the game post-release, with the intention of creating a standalone “triple-A” title. However, these ambitious plans were significantly scaled back following the game’s tumultuous launch in 2020 and were eventually abandoned. With the positive reception of last year’s acclaimed Phantom Liberty expansion, the studio’s decision to reconsider incorporating multiplayer elements in the sequel is indicative of a possible revival of its multiplayer ambitions.

Digital Foundry takes a deep dive into Phantom Liberty’s visuals in their roundtable.

Despite the ongoing conceptual phase for the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, Badowski highlighted that nothing is definitive. Furthermore, the bulk of the studio’s focus is directed elsewhere as preparatory work for the next Witcher game progresses. Last October, CD Projekt confirmed the involvement of around 330 developers in the new Witcher title, codenamed Polaris. Badowski has reiterated the studio’s desire to increase the project team to about 400 people by the middle of the year. Reuters reported that the production phase for Polaris is yet to commence, but CD Projekt aims to kick-start it within the year.

While the release of the studio’s next Witcher game and a Cyberpunk sequel are still distant prospects, they are not the only games in development. CD Projekt’s Molasses Flood team is currently focused on creating a multiplayer Witcher spin-off, and an external studio called Fool’s Theory is working on a Witcher 1 remake. As of now, there is no official timeline for the release of these projects.