Peach’s Voice Actor Confirms She Is Still The Princess In New Switch Game

Princess Peach Voice Actress Samantha Kelly Confirmed For Showtime!

Last year, the legendary Super Mario voice actor Charles Martinet retired from the role and was replaced by Kevin Afghani, who went on to voice the famous plumber in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The same talented voice actor also took on the voice of Wario in the new WarioWare game.

What about the future of other cast members, like the voice of Princess Peach? Well, in an update, it’s been confirmed Samantha Kelly will be reprising her role as the princess in Princess Peach: Showtime. This information comes from an expo clip doing the rounds on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), where a fan asks her if she’ll be voicing the princess in the upcoming game.

Princess Peach’s Voice Confirmation

Here’s exactly what Kelly had to say:

Will you be the voice of Princess Peach in the new upcoming game?

Samantha Kelly: “Yes! It’s going to be the best game ever…It’s going to be amazing!”

Kelly was also in last year’s hit, Super Mario Bros. Wonder as Princess Peach. She’s been voicing the character since Nintendo’s DS and Wii generation and has also voiced Toad and Toadette.

New Showtime! Trailer

In yesterday’s new trailer for Showtime!, Nintendo showed off new transformations for Peach including Ninja Peach and Cowgirl Peach. You can see these versions of Peach in action in our previous Nintendo Life story:

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