How to Get Sujimon Gacha Tickets Fast in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Even though the Like a Dragon/Yakuza games have always offered great side content, Infinite Wealth takes it a step further. The game has a whole Pokemon-esque side story called Sujimon, where players can level up and battle enemies.

One interesting feature of this game is the inclusion of a Gacha, which allows players to roll for new Sujimon, though it can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to earn Gacha Tickets quickly in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

How to Acquire Sujimon Gacha Tickets Swiftly

The base cost for a Sujimon Gacha pull in Infinite Wealth is $100, making it difficult for players to afford when they first unlock the Sujimon content. As a result, players should focus on earning tickets through some effective methods.

Image Source: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio via Twinfinite

Fight Trainers Around Town

Look for Sujimon trainers around your rank, and defeat them to earn rewards. For example, beating the Rookie trainer near Alo-Happy Tours will get you at least three Basic Sujimon Gacha Tickets.

Rookie Trainer Battle
Image Source: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio via Twinfinite

While you can’t obtain tickets from sparring at a Sujimon Spot, defeating every trainer will yield some if you emerge victorious.

Follow Sujimon Storyline

Regular trainers do not typically drop Japan Sujimon Gacha Tickets, as that’s mainly up to the game’s Discreet Four bosses. Challenging these bosses becomes possible as you progress through the storyline, and rushing through the first two shouldn’t be too challenging.

Earning tickets is only important in the early stages, as you’ll soon earn enough money from other side content and battles to comfortably pay for rolls.

This guide should assist players who are struggling to acquire Sujimon Gacha Tickets in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. For more helpful tips to help Ichiban thrive, check out our links below.

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