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Updated January 28, 2024

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Borderlands 3 has arrived, bringing along with it a slew of SHIFT and VIP codes to redeem for free loot.

Similar to the previous Borderlands games, SHIFT and VIP codes play a crucial role in the game, offering players the chance to redeem Golden Keys and cosmetics for their Vault Hunter.

Golden Key codes provide in-game keys that unlock chests for random rewards, giving players an advantage and helping them acquire loot more quickly!

While there aren’t many SHIFT codes available at the moment, we’ll be updating this article with new codes as they are released, making it easy for you to get the cosmetics you want.

How to Redeem SHIFT Codes

In order to redeem any of the SHIFT codes listed below, you must first register an account at the SHIFT website. Once registered, you can enter any of the codes below to receive their rewards in-game.

Sign up for an account here, and scroll below to find the available SHIFT codes to redeem.

How to Redeem VIP Codes

VIP Codes are similar to SHIFT codes, requiring a separate account for redemption.

First, register for the SHIFT account at the website above, then sign up for a VIP account here. Once registered, you can link your SHIFT account to the VIP account and redeem all the codes listed below.

At the top of the VIP website, there will be a tab called “Insiders”, click that and then select “Redeem Code”. This is where you will be able to enter the VIP codes below.

Several activities on the VIP website allow you to earn points redeemable for Golden Keys, Guns, Cosmetics, and more. These activities include watching trailers, reading articles, visiting social media pages, and others.

VIP rewards are broken into seasons, but all rewards remain available even after a season ends.

How to Get Golden Keys

Golden Keys are special in-game keys used to open chests that reward players with random loot. They typically include multiple guns or mods matching the Vault Hunter’s level.

To get Golden Keys, you must redeem various SHIFT and VIP codes on their respective websites. Ensure you are registered on both the VIP and SHIFT websites to access the rewards.

After registering, enter any codes below that offer Golden Keys to have access to them in-game!

List of Borderlands 3 SHIFT Codes

Once you have registered for both the SHIFT and VIP accounts above, you are now ready to redeem the codes below for various Golden Keys and cosmetics.

The below Borderlands 3 SHIFT Codes can be used at any time and will reward you with the following Gold Keys:

  • 3 Golden Keys – Z6FJT-JZTBT-JTBTJ-3B3JT-R6H5C (New)
  • 3 Golden Keys – ZX6TB-S6J33-BTTT3-BTBB3-ZHX5T
  • … (list continues) …

Here, we’ve compiled a list of all the Borderlands 3 SHIFT Codes that will only work during August 2020. We’ll update this post with the limited-time SHIFT Codes each time we roll into a new month:

  • 3 Golden Keys – WZCTJ-KZZCH-KXCF9-RT3TJ-6WWK9
  • 3 Golden Keys – KHWT3-FSSWH-WXC69-FTJBJ-5TWSW

That is all of the Borderlands 3 SHIFT codes currently available for Borderlands 3. Stay tuned to this page for more as they become available.

List of Borderlands 3 VIP Codes

We currently have plenty of Borderlands 3 VIP codes that can be redeemed for points. Here is a list of all the current available rewards.

Redeem the below codes at the VIP website under its corresponding section (Email, Vault, Diamond, Creator, or Boost) to get the points added to your account!

  • 1000 Points – JABBER (Email Code)
  • 1000 Points – ITSHERE (Email Code)
  • … (list continues) …

That is all of the codes we have available right now. As more are released, we will update this guide so that you have an easy place to refer to and make sure you have all of the codes possible.

Stay tuned to Twinfinite for more Borderlands 3 guides and news as it becomes available!

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