In a Violent Nature Review

Director Chris Nash takes all the elements that made 80s slasher movies great and completely reinvents the subgenre in a violent nature. The film centers around the undead and unstoppable killer, Johnny, who roams the Canadian wilderness seeking revenge on those who wronged him. While the plot may seem familiar, the standout feature of this film is its gruesome and gory kills.

Equipped with a hatchet and a pair of drag hooks, Johnny delivers shocking and unpredictable kills that are reminiscent of Mortal Kombat fatalities. The film doesn’t shy away from using its kills for both shock value and humor, creating a truly macabre experience for viewers.

Despite its low budget, the film maximizes its resources to deliver a truly haunting experience. The use of slow and deliberate camera angles to reveal Johnny’s disfigured appearance adds to the overall suspense of the film. Once Johnny acquires a mask, the cinematography takes a more free-roaming approach, capturing kills from unique and creative vantage points.

Told from the perspective of the mute, undead killer, the film utilizes dialogue sparingly, focusing more on impactful sound design. The use of video game foley artists adds a unique layer to the film’s sound effects, creating an unnerving atmosphere, especially as the forest ambience grows louder as the number of survivors dwindles.