A Bunch Of Nintendo Switch Handheld Controllers Are On Sale At Amazon

Joy-Con Alternatives for Nintendo Switch On Sale at Amazon

Joy-Con controllers are pretty expensive at $80 for a pair, including the upcoming Pastel Pink set. Nintendo’s first-party Switch controller also isn’t the most ergonomically friendly option out there. If you’re looking for a cheaper and more comfortable way to game on Switch, a bunch of the best Joy-Con alternatives are discounted at Amazon right now.

The most compelling deals come from Hori, as its lineup of Split Pad Attachment Sets are seeing a rare price cut. Typically priced at $80, the Hori Split Pad Pro Attachment Set is now just $72.20. The bundle comes with the Split Pad Pro (offering full-sized controls for handheld mode) as well as the Attachment Set that allows you to use the gamepad as a traditional wired controller.


It’s a similar story for the Hori Split Pad Compact Attachment Set, with the gray variant listed for $68 (down from $80) and the lavender variant on sale for $67 (down from $80). These two products offer a smaller profile than the Split Pad Pro mentioned above, yet also come with the Attachment Set so you can use them as wired controllers. All three are officially licensed by Nintendo and feature additional back buttons, a turbo mode, and a headphone jack.

If you don’t need the functionality for docked play, you can save on the rarely discounted Pac-Man-themed Split Pad Compact or a Pokemon model (featuring Pikachu and Mimikyu).

Our Split Pad Compact review found it to be one of the best Switch controllers, thanks to its responsive buttons and reliable D-pad.

“Hori’s Split Pad Compact is my new favorite controller for handheld gaming on Nintendo Switch,” wrote critic Steven Petite. “It has everything you could want in a Joy-Con replacement: great sticks, an actual D-pad, ample triggers, remappable back buttons, and, most importantly, truly sublime ergonomics.”

Not sold on these Hori products? A few other Joy-Con alternatives are on sale, and we’ve listed our favorite deals below.

Best Joy-Con Alternative Deals