Player makes the fastest worker possible in Palworld

Palworld has a feature that allows you to utilize some spare Pals to work in your base to produce and craft items for you. On occasion, you’ll want as fast a crafting Pal as possible for those long crafting times. Well, one player achieved exactly that. The fastest crafting Pal possible.

The fastest Handiwork Pal in action

HollowLoch, a Palworld player, accomplished something remarkable. After what must have been an extraordinary amount of hours of work, they managed to create objectively the fastest crafting Pal possible in the game.

You can watch the video they uploaded to see just how fast this Anubis makes Pal Spheres.

You’ll truly never need any other Pals again if you’ve got this guy on your team. And I thought my Robinquill was a fast worker…

Thankfully, you can recreate this yourself, provided you have a lot of hours to spare.

How to make the fastest worker in Palworld

To make this Pal, you’ll need to do a lot of breeding. This is because to achieve a Pal with a faster working speed, you’ll not only need over a hundred spares, but also the selective breeding should produce the appropriate Passive Skills. Let’s walk through the best way of doing this.

There are three things that will contribute to Anubis’ Work Speed:

  • Passive Skills that increase Work Speed.
  • Work Suitability Level.
  • Work Speed enhancements.

The first two factors require lots of breeding, so I hope you have the means of making a lot of Cake and maybe a few or more Breeding Pens on standby.

Anubis has a Handiwork level of 4, but this can be raised by promoting an Anubis four times in the Pal Essence Condenser. This means you’ll need 116 spare Anubis Pals. Thankfully, you’ll be doing a lot of selective breeding to get the Passive Skills that you want, so this shouldn’t be too much a problem.

The Passive Skills you’ll need are:

  • Lucky – +15% Work Speed and Attack
  • Artisan – +50% Work Speed
  • Work Slave – +30% Work Speed
  • Serious – +20% Work Speed

These buffs allow for a 115% boost in Work Speed, which is over double! The only way to manipulate these Passive Skills onto a Pal is through breeding. There is a chance that the Passive Skills of the parent will get passed down to their offspring.

So, you’ll firstly need two parents that have at least one of the needed traits each and for them to breed an Anubis with ideally both of these Passive Skills. Then you’ll need to do it again with the other two Passive Skills. Then, you’ll need to keep breeding the two Anubis’ until they produce an Anubis with all four of the Passive Skills.

Image: HollowLoch

There is a website that exists where you can read all of the possible combinations to make an Anubis; thankfully, there are loads.

Naturally, you’ll keep racking up spare Anubis Pals as not all of them will succeed in getting the Passive Skills that you want.

Once you’ve finally got an Anubis that has all four of the Passive Skills, you’ll need to promote them in the Pal Essence Condenser. If you don’t have all the Anubis you need, then just do a little more breeding. With this Rank 4 Pal, you can finally take them to the Statue of Power to enhance their Work Speed.

There you go! That’s how to make the fastest crafter possible in Palworld.

Now that you know how to make the best crafter possible in Palworld, why don’t you learn if Passive Skills can be copied or stacked?