Son of Malphas location in Diablo 4

Where to Encounter Son of Malphas in Diablo 4

Looking for a challenge in Diablo 4? The Son of Malphas might just be the boss encounter you’re looking for. Here’s where you can find this deadly foe.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

The Son of Malphas is a boss that can be found in the Season of the Construct in Diablo 4. This boss is similar to The Butcher, a giant brute with a giant Cleaver that strikes fear into the hearts of players. The Son of Malphas can spawn randomly across all Vaults in the game, adding an element of surprise and danger to your adventures.

Just like The Butcher, the Son of Malphas can appear when you least expect it. You might be going about your business in a dungeon when suddenly you hear the ominous words: “fresh meat.” And before you know it, you’re face to face with this deadly foe. But the danger doesn’t stop there – there’s even a chance that both The Butcher and the Son of Malphas can spawn at the same time, doubling the threat!

So, keep your wits about you and explore every corner of the Vaults in Diablo 4. You never know when the Son of Malphas might decide to make an appearance. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to watch out for The Butcher as well.

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