A Highland Song studio Inkle releases free art adventure The Forever Labyrinth

Inkle has just released The Forever Labyrinth, a free browser-based narrative adventure that explores the history of art from around the world. The game, developed in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, takes players through a maze of ever-shifting rooms, each resembling different landscapes and filled with art from renowned museums around the world.

As players search for their friend Professor Sheldrake, who is lost in the labyrinth, they must navigate through the maze by collecting clues and identifying elements present within the artwork. However, they must also be wary of a monster that threatens to devour the world.

The Forever Labyrinth | Official Trailer

The Forever Labyrinth launch trailer.

Described as a “replayable rogue-like adventure” by Inkle, The Forever Labyrinth offers players the chance to experience multiple playthroughs, with each lasting around 20 minutes. Players can also make use of the save system to record their progress as they work towards discovering all the secrets of the labyrinth.

The Forever Labyrinth offers a unique and captivating experience, filled with Inkle’s usual charm and an opportunity to appreciate art from various museums worldwide. This release is especially exciting after last year’s A Highland Song, and it adds to the collection of enchanting games from Inkle.